Empi Active™

Empi Active™ provides advanced, drug-free technology designed to target the most challenging low back or knee pain while minimizing the dependence on pain medication.

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What is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)? TENS is a kind of electrotherapy for the application of electrical stimulation to the skin for pain control.

What does Advanced Electrotherapy for pain management mean? Empi Active utilizes a patented SMP (Simple Modulated Pulse) waveform that modulates between low and high frequencies that elicits the same pain relief mechanisms of actions as commonly prescribed opioids, but without the risks and side effects.

What are the indications of use for TENS?

  • Symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain.
  • Adjunctive treatment for pre- and post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain.
  • Relief of pain associated with arthritis.

Are there any side effects? Unlike pharmaceuticals taken to relieve pain, the Empi Active provides pain relief with little to no side effects, and eliminates the risks associated with pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Will using the Empi Active reduce the need for pain medications? TENS electrotherapy is a clinically proven, fast-acting, effective method for pain relief. Studies have shown in many cases that TENS electrotherapy may reduce the need for pain medications.

Is the Empi Active difficult to operate? Patients can take control of their pain with a safe, pre-programmed device that provides optimal pain relief; one-touch activates the device to quickly relieve pain. Kitted with the device is a patient instructional DVD and a user's guide.

Empi Active™

Is the Empi Active easy to prescribe? You can focus on treating your patient's pain, and our Patient Care Representatives will focus on all the necessary paperwork, filing claims on your patient's behalf, and provide ongoing support and patient education materials. The self-fit application also saves valuable time for you and your staff.

Can my patients continue with their daily activities while wearing the device? The lightweight and low-profile device can be worn comfortably underneath clothing, so patients can enjoy an active and productive lifestyle.

Is the Empi Active covered by insurance and Medicare? Many medical insurance companies cover TENS devices for home use. Medicare covers TENS devices for acute and chronic pain. Our Patient Care Representatives and Medicare experts are available to help you navigate through this process and all of the necessary paperwork.

Information obtained from Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society